Promise Land Children’s Ministry

Ministering To The Next Generation

Our mission is to make disciples, regardless of age. We believe that providing Bible
study, worship, fellowship, and activities appropriate to each age group reflects the heart
of God towards this next generation.

Our Children’s Ministry is designed to minister to children from infancy to Fifth Grade in
a safe and friendly environment. Our ministry is not only to the children, but also to the
parents who attend service. We ask parents not to bring their children into the main
service, but instead, allow us to minister to them in a way they can enjoy and understand,
which will also provide you, and to those around you, a distraction free environment
during the service.

We strive to provide a fun, engaging and safe Christ-centered learning environment. Our
program is designed for children of all ages to facilitate their spiritual growth and
cultivate their relationship with the Lord.

Our weekly lessons are Biblically based and presented in a creative, meaningful way
intended to help children apply it to their daily lives. Additionally we challenge kids with
weekly Bible verse memorization and even offer incentives to children who participate.
Our goal is to give them a lasting thirst for God and His Word at a young age.
Also to provide a fun environment for children of all ages to learn, grow and develop

We strive to be positive role models after whom they can model their own lives.